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Here is Melarey Boutique!     

Fashion is about people - about where we are as a culture and where we’ve been. Fashion is our history. It’s our wars and our hope for peace. Fashion is powerful, it unites people to a common goal. Everyone has a style and that personal expression tells the world who you are or who you want to be. We love to express ourselves with a chic style that reflects confidence and authenticity. Fashion is the essence of humanity, and the shopping experience has to be as enjoyable as it is to wear a brand new outfit. Melarey started its journey in the style industry when opening its own e-commerce clothing line, Melarey in 2018. . Melarey offers the latest fashion style tops, dresses ,swimwear and etc.

If you're tired of going out and finding someone else with the exact same outfit, or if you're looking for a new, fresh look that nobody else has then you're at the right place. We offer the latest (almost daily) in women's fashion from the fashion-streets at a price you can afford.
Our target audience is the fashion conscious 18-60 women's wear market. We aim to be exciting and innovative, offering our customers the fashion they want, when they want. To stay in touch with the ever changing trends within our market we have developed a dynamic and very responsive organization.     Our buying and design team develop our own styles and bring the latest street fashions from the fashion-streets to the shop floor. This fast, flexible supply chain, together with the winning formula of style, quality, value and service has enabled Pavlla to grow rapidly into a super international retailer.
Led by a team of highly dedicated and motivated group of individuals we are firmly focused on our customer's needs. We hope that with continuous developments and innovation we will continue to expand and bring our unique experience to shoppers throughout the world.     We are committed to discover more fashion elements and explore new areas of overseas markets. Customers from all over the world will be benefited by our efforts. 
Our Vision & Mission    
We genuinely care very much about every customer that shares our love for chic fashion. For that reason, we will always follow our policies. You can always count on equal, fair and personal treatment from our customer support staff. 
We hand select only the best fabrics. We spend hours on deciding on fit and inspecting stitching, and every single style that passes through our warehouse goes through a 4-step quality control process. 

Our team works with full passion and creativity. We value our relationship with everyone of our customers, so our professional customer service team is always available to help you. As we are constantly adding new products, all of our staff are fully trained in the latest trends and offerings.    

At Melarey.com, you'll enjoy a better life with more choices and best price!

If you have any question regarding a garment, please feel free to reach out by contacting our email at: info@melarey.com

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